Bail Money: Two Possible Scenarios To Consider


When an arrest occurs, defendants can get out of jail on bail, at least in most cases. When the defendant is offered bail, they have two possible ways to get out of jail. They can pay bail money to the court, or they can use a bail bond agent. Read on to find out about both choices.

Bail Charged by the Court

Bail costs can be very high. However, some defendants can afford to pay the bail and they are released with instructions to return later for a court date and provided with some rules to follow while out on bail.

At the end of the case, whether the defendant won, lost, took part in a plea bargain, or had their charges dropped, their bail money is returned to them in full. However, if they don't obey bail conditions, the bail money is forfeited to the county or state

Bail Bonds Purchased from an Agent

Once a defendant learns how much the bail will be, they will need to contact a bail bonding agent or have a loved one or friend do so for them. Bail bond agencies are not connected to the courts or the jail—they are businesses that work with the jails to help defendants get out of jail. The bail bond works almost the same way that the full bail does since it triggers the release of the defendant and they must follow the bail conditions. However, it differs in the process, the cost, and what happens after the case is closed.

The Bail Bond Process

Upon informing the bail bond agent of the charges, the location of the defendant, and the bail cost, a premium is quoted. The premium is the cost of getting out of jail. Once that is paid, the defendant can be released.

The Cost of Bail Bonds

The cost, or the premium, is a percentage of the full bail cost. If the full bail cost is $10,000 and the bond company charges a 10% premium, then freedom costs just $1,000. Bail premium costs are set by the state and not the bail bond company.

What Happens Afterward

Once the defendant's case is closed, the bail agreement has been fulfilled. However, the bail premium is not refunded to the client. That money is the cost of not having to pay the full bail amount.

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25 May 2022

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