Getting An Auto Loan? Don't Make These Mistakes


Do you need to purchase a new vehicle, but you do not have the cash to pay for it on your own? You're going to need financing to help secure the money that you need. If you've never received an auto loan before, here are a few mistakes that you should avoid making to ensure it goes smoothly.

Buying A Car That's Too Expensive

A common mistake that people run into is falling in love with a car and overpaying for it. You never want to pay too much for a vehicle, because even though the payments are being spread over several years, know that the value of the car is going to drop as soon as you drive it off the lot. This means that your vehicle is considered underwater, which is when you owe more than what the vehicle is worth. Consider buying a used vehicle instead, or negotiating a better price on the vehicle to bring the cost down and make the loan more affordable each month

Obsessing Over The Monthly Payment

Sometimes people don't have a price of a car in mind, but instead the amount that they want to pay per month. They get so focused on that monthly car payment that they do not realize how much they are paying for the vehicle over the lifespan of the entire loan. This can cause people to take on loans that are for much longer than necessary on a vehicle, which can have higher interest rates that are hard to recognize. Always look at how much the car will cost when you consider principal and interest when comparing different types of loans. 

Assuming You'll Get A Worse Purchase Price By Using Financing

A common misconception about auto financing is that people assume that simply needing to finance will result in getting a better price for the vehicle. The truth is that the way that you finance the vehicle will not matter that much. If you are using cash or financing through a third party, then the dealership is going to get their money in full either way. However, some dealerships that have their own financing may actually benefit from you not paying in cash, since they make more over the lifespan for the loan through interest paid.

Providing Nothing For The Down Payment

Is a lender offering you financing with zero money down on the vehicle? This may seem like a deal, but it is only increasing the amount of money you borrow and the interest paid. Give a down payment if you were going to provide one, even if you can get away with not providing a down payment. You'll save money over time.

For more information about auto lending, contact a local lender.


7 July 2021

Borrowing What You Need

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