5 Things You Must Have To Get A Home Loan


A lender starts by looking at your job and other income sources when assessing your ability to pay a home loan. For this reason, they will ask for your payslip, an employer's confirmation letter, and bank statements. Moreover, the lender might want your identification details and property information. Keep reading and learn more about the requirements of a home loan

1. Income from Shares, Government Projects, and Rentals 

Banks and other lenders verify your income sources to assess your ability to repay the home loan they want to advance. It helps them know the amount you earn. Furthermore, it gives them a clue about your job security, enabling them to devise a suitable repayment approach for you. 

2. Proof of Personal, Group, and Company Possessions 

Lenders also ask for proof of possessions. They may seek to know your assets and their net worth. In that regard, they will request a list of your shares, property deeds, and bank account statements.

Depending on your lender, they may request you to prove your savings habit and provide a savings balance. Some even use the savings as a basis for calculating the loan amount they will award you. If you have existing loans, they will find out how you are servicing them. 

3. Good Credit Standing

Most lenders will use your credit history and score to determine your creditworthiness. They check your credit cards, as well as past and current loans. If you have a bankruptcy history, your score might fall drastically. A good credit rating depicts your devotion to paying your loans and bills, and that is solid ground to get a home loan. 

4. Proof of Expenses 

Your living costs help the bank assess your ability to pay the loan. Living costs entail the amount you spend on food, including groceries and eating out. They also look at your monthly bills, school fees for children and yourself, and insurance premiums. To get a clear picture of your living expenses, the lender may request you to prepare an estimate of your monthly budget. 

5. Information on Exemptions, Gifts, and Grants 

The lender may also ask for proof of money given by friends or family to purchase the home. They will want the receipts of the bank deposits or a statement. If not so, you should present a signed agreement. If you are eligible for exemptions and grants, they may ask for your eligibility details.

To get a home loan, you must provide the above requirements. Gather everything well in advance to make the process smoother and efficient. 


18 March 2021

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