Get Your Loved Ones Out Of Jail


When a loved one needs help, most people do everything they can. If they are in jail, getting them out is first and foremost. Everyone knows that jails are dirty, disease-filled, dangerous, and crowded places and no place for anyone. If your loved one is being held on bail, you can get them out by paying the bail and the least expensive way to do that is by using a bail bonding agent. In some cases, however, your loved one has been arrested in another state. This might require a bit more work than usual so read on to find out to make things work out all right.

When Your Loved One Has Money

If the bail is low enough and your loved one has some money, they may be able to get out of jail by paying the bail directly to the jail or the court. That being said, bail amounts can be quite high — in the thousands of dollars in some cases — and cannot be paid with what might be in your loved one's wallet. Another alternative is to pay the bail directly to the court using cash or property that you provide. Again, this can be costly but the main benefit of doing things this way is that the full bail amount is refunded once your loved one obeys all conditions of the bail and shows up for future court hearings.

How Bail Bonds Work

Bail bonding agents get people out of jail by pledging or guaranteeing that the defendant will appear in court as scheduled. To purchase a bail bond, you must work with a bail bond agency — preferably one near the jail. The cost of the bond is a certain percentage of the full bail price. For example, if the full bail is $5,000 and the bail bond agency charges a 10% fee (also called a premium), then you only have to pay the bail bonding company $500 or 10% of the $5,000.

Arranging Bail From Afar

It is possible to bail someone out if they are in a different town or state. Some bail bonding agencies will accept payment over the phone and send you the paperwork by fax or email. You must quickly sign and return any paperwork, however. Usually, your loved one is required to appear in person at the bonding location to sign more paperwork. To get started, locate a few bail bonding agencies in your loved one's location. As an alternative, some bail bonding agencies will work with an agency in your location to make a transfer bond. You pay the local bonding agent and they transfer the bond to your loved one's location. Expect to pay a fee if you use that option. Call a bail bonds service to learn more.


22 December 2020

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