Creative Ways To Maximize Your Savings Potential


If you are trying to maximize your personal savings potential, there are a few creative tips that can make saving plans less painful and easier to track. While you might have good intentions when it comes to saving, if you aren't using workable tools to help, you might find your goals slipping on a monthly basis. Here are four ways you can set up your saving mechanisms correctly and keep your saving goals on track.

1. Different Budgets for Different Goals

If you know you have a multiple goals in the future such as saving for a home, a wedding, or a trip, you can budget and track separate saving goals. This can be achieved by incorporating sub-savings categories that you can link to your bank account. This can be done easily with online accounting programs and will help you categorize your overall savings goals and make sure you are putting aside for different categories over time.

2. Limit Access to Potential Spending

It can be hard to know where to best keep money you are setting aside, but the first step is to get your potential savings into a savings account right away and out of your easily accessible checking account. Having a debit card that draws from your checking account can make it too easy to accidentally spend money when you are out and about.

3. Send Raises and Refunds Straight to the Bank

While you might have a tendency to splurge if you receive a promotion at work or get a tax refund, it is a better strategy to keep your original budget. If you can move any additional income that comes your way into your personal savings, you can make an educated decision where this money can be the most useful in your life.

4. Don't Forget About Emergency Savings

While you might be saving for a trip or other expenses in the future, don't forget to set up a separate savings account for a rainy day. It can get depressing if you always have to dip into your fun money when emergencies happen. There are always personal loans or credit cards to fall back on, but if you have savings slated just for emergencies, you'll be better prepared and these events won't be such a blow.

Saving money for long-term goals doesn't need to be hard if you are smart about it. If you can set yourself up with helpful saving tools from the beginning, saving will become second nature. Be sure to maximize the use of your savings account by giving yourself a few rules and sticking to these to see your savings grow over time. For more information, contact companies like FCN Bank. 


30 September 2016

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