Getting Started With Bail Bond


If you need to secure bail, then you have probably considered consulting a bail bond agency. However, not every bondsman will be right for you. Here are some tips to help you find a bondsman that is the right fit.

Check Your State's Laws

Each state has different laws about bail, and some outlaw commercial bail bonds entirely. You'll want to know the specific restrictions that your state places on bond, including the percentage that can legally be charged. By checking the pertinent laws of your state, you can protect yourself against a lot of unsavory businesses.

In this vein, you also want to make sure that you deal with bondsmen that are licensed by your state. They should be willing to show you the proper documentation if you ask for it. While you may not be a legal expert and thus may not be able to figure out exactly what their license says, you are mostly checking to see whether they are willing to show you at all. Unlicensed businesses will likely give you some excuse as to why they can't show you their license immediately, which should set off some red flags for you.

The Internet Can Be Misleading

For the above reasons, you might also want to consider dealing exclusively with firms that have verifiable presences, such as a brick and mortar office. Internet-only bondsmen may seem attractive, but you want as much background information as possible before agreeing to anything.

Internet bondsmen might also be advertising for rates or services that simply don't apply to your state. Before getting your hopes up about that offer that seems too good to be true, you'll want to make sure that everything is in order.

Have Contact Information Beforehand

If you have already been arrested, then it is a bit too late for this step, but the core idea can be helpful in the future. You want to have the contact information for a reputable bondsman as a precaution in case you ever get arrested. This will allow you to contact them quickly, which can help you get ahead of long waiting lines. The last thing you want is to spend an extra night in prison because you frantically had to find a bondsman on the night of your arrest.

Once you have completed the bail process and paid back the bond, make sure to keep their contact information if you had a good experience. They could offer you discounts in the future for customer loyalty. 


8 January 2016

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