Four Key Benefits Of Financing Your Home With A VA Loan


If you are in the market for a new home and you're exploring your financing options, don't dismiss the benefits of pursuing a VA loan if you have the military qualifications to be eligible. Especially in struggling real estate markets, a VA loan may be a great option for your home purchase. Here's a look at four of the biggest benefits of choosing a VA loan to finance your new home.

More Flexible Qualification Requirements

Unlike traditional loans, VA loans are issued in the interest of helping service members to find a home. As a result, the credit requirements, income expectations and payment histories required to qualify for a VA loan are often much more forgiving than those of their traditional financing counterparts. In fact, in some cases, people who couldn't qualify for a traditional loan due to low credit scores may still be able to buy using a VA loan instead.

The Potential for No Down Payment

The lack of down payment requirement is one of the most significant benefits of VA loans. If you qualify, your lender will tell you how much you can spend without requiring any down payment. The total purchase amount will vary based on the region of the country where you're shopping, because the housing market supports different pricing by region. You'll typically be allotted a larger mortgage without a down payment in areas where the home prices are substantially higher.

No Mortgage Insurance Requirement

Most traditional mortgage loans require that you purchase mortgage insurance if you're unable to pay at least twenty percent down on the house. That insurance premium can add up over time, sometimes tacking on as much as a couple hundred dollars each month. With a VA loan, you won't be required to carry this type of insurance, so you may be able to save significantly over the life of the loan. Instead of paying for mortgage insurance, most VA loan borrowers pay a service fee at the time of the loan's closing, though borrowers who have a disability as a result of their service time may be exempt.

Limited Closing Costs

Although closing costs are a fact of any home purchase, they can vary based on the type of loan you opt for. With a VA loan, there are limits in place to control how much you can be expected to pay in closing costs, putting most of the responsibility for those expenses back on the seller. This may save you several hundred dollars at closing.


25 November 2015

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